How do we make decisions?

Applying for Grants:

Tides Canada is the managing partner of The Harbinger Foundation’s Indigenous program. A call for proposals is made in the spring by Tides and the grants are issued within a few months. The application process is short and sometimes is done verbally. Every effort is made by Tides to make the process accessible. Contact the Tides Harbinger representative Antonia Taylor if you are interested in applying for a grant.

Support for Our Indigenous Initiative:

Why not think of adding your support to The Harbinger Foundation’s Indigenous Initiative? It is difficult to know how to be part of Reconciliation because there are so many communities in Canada. Tides makes this easy. Send funds to Tides Canada. Tides will send you a charitable receipt. (Check out the list of inspiring examples of small initiatives under Indigenous Grant that are a reminder of the positive energy and determination of our Indigenous Peoples.)

Our Board of Directors meets annually to review the overall granting process and set broad granting goals for the year. During the year, three to four meetings are held to review Tides Canada’s recommended proposals. While the majority of our efforts are directed to our Indigenous Communities program, there are select legacy relationships that are supported through Director Advised Grants. 

Who can apply for a grant?

We only give donations to Canadian registered charities.


  • Tides Canada

  • Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples

  • The North Manitoba Food Culture and Community Collaborative (Winnipeg)

  • Ashoka Canada

Who do we not give to?

Harbinger does not fund student exchanges, religious or political organizations or individuals.

Examples of past donations can be found on the CRA charities directory