Tides Canada (our new Indigenous Communities focus)  is on contract with Harbinger to research and advise on small Indigenous grants. They will also write a short report which helps inform us about the effectiveness of a grant. Often this report can only be a qualitative evaluation.

Andrea Derbecker


Andrea Derbecker is a Métis woman that is passionate about healing land and supporting Indigenous sovereignty. She grew up in an urban Indigenous community in Winnipeg MB, where for 8 years, she worked in the Indigenous non-profit sector in various capacities. In 2013, she moved to Toronto to pursue graduate work at the University of Toronto, where she studied Indigenous feminist healing and body-land relationships. This research has recently led her to leave her academic career in pursuit of becoming a body-land healer. Andrea is currently studying acupuncture and herbal medicine in Toronto, ON. She has been a key figure providing guidance, participating in the decision making and in shaping the Harbinger direction as we move forwards. We are very grateful for the time and energy she has contributed. 

Catherine Carpenko


 Catherine Carpenko is a mental health professional and entrepreneur with extensive business experience. Early in her life she had an opportunity to briefly live with Inuit peoples that left her with a long standing awareness and sensitivity to Indigenous peoples. Since the 1980's she has been living close to the land, including organic farming. She brings to all her endeavours an open-hearted curiosity, resourcefulness and a practical inclination to contribute for the well-being of others and the Earth. She is delighted to have the opportunity to support the work of the Harbinger Foundation.